TheOmegaDiamond's Application!

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TheOmegaDiamond's Application!

Post by TheOmegaDiamond on Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:45 pm

How old are you?
- 14
For how long have you played on this server?
- a couple of minutes
For how long have you played Minecraft?
- 6 years
Have you ever been admin before?
-yes, Ive been mostly all staff ranks, including owner
How much do you know about commands and plugins?
- I know a lot about commands, and plugins.
Where do you come from? (Country and city)
- Canada, Ontario
What is your main language?
- English
What is your real name?
- Will
What is your in game name?
- TheOmegaDiamond
Tell me a little bit about your self?
- i am "5,6 and i have quite an amount of friends. Ive been invited to Many servers because of my Building Skills, My styles of building are Victorian, Medieval, and Fancy. I have lot of patients when I'm building, and i always use World edit when I'm building, because it helps out a lot. I am terrible at PvP, i enjoy factions, and i love Prison. i am just starting to code, but i am really good with plug-in Configs, so i you need any help with that I'm be more than happy to help.
What Staff Rank do you want?
- Developer, or Admin.
How much/often are you available to play if you should be an admin?
- Usually all day on the weekends, and during the week... i might be able to play, (i use my dads laptop because mine is broken.)
If you have Skype. What is your username?
What makes you so perfect of becoming an staff member?
- I am Honest, and Trustworthy. I will Protect your server from any plugin bug, spammer, advertiser, and hackers. I like to be on a server that is safe.
What is your negative side when it comes to minecraft?
- when people bother me or purposely piss me off to get me mad.
If someone asks you for items? What should you do?
- Ill tell them, sure the wild has many items! (lol)
If you want to do something, but you're not sure if you're allowed to. What do you do?
- Ill wait until the owner, or co-owner comes on.
What can you provide to the server?
- I can provide this server with Players that Enjoy the server, and people to donate! I might be able to donate!
Have you ever donated? (not a must)
- Yes Ive donated $15.
How many times have you voted on this server?
- None Yet.
Are you able to speak any other language if someone that doesn't speak English joins?
- No, sorry i only speak English, but if it does happen then ill open up Google Translate! (lol)


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